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日本明仁天皇退位 皇太子德仁即位成为新天皇

作者:未知 来源:未知 2019-07-02

Emperor Akihito was the first Japanese royal to marry a commoner. He was the first Japanese emperor to visit China, Thailand and the Philippines.

And today, he becomes Japan's first royal in 200 years to abdicate to g?ive up his throne. The role of emperor is symbolic in Japan. The decision-making power lies in the hands of its elected politicians.

But as that symbol of national unity, Emperor Akihito has been popular, and many Japanese are sad to see him step down. In a rare televised address in 2016, the emperor said he was worried that his age and fitness level would make it harder for him to ca?rry out his duties as he had until then.

亚博娱乐app充值The next year, Japan's parliament passed the law that allowed him to abdicate if he wanted to. And on Wednesday, his son, Crown Prince Naruhito will become the 126th emperor to ascend to Japan's Chrysanthemum Throne, the name given both to the emperor's position and to his seat used during the coronation ceremony.





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