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辉瑞取消与艾尔建合并案 前梅西能源CEO遭牢狱之灾

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A senior U.S military official says efforts to defeat the Islamic State group are gaining momentum. Rear admiral Andrew Lewis said Wednesday that Iraqi security forces have begun capturing territory in several areas.
A treasury department action aimed at making tax inversion less lucrative, helping to kill a drug company merger. Drug makers Allergan and Pfizer calling off a $160 billion deal Wednesday. Their merger would have moved Pfizer's address to Ireland where it would pay far less incorporate tax.

A former coal executive sentenced to a year in prison for his connection to the deadliest mining explosion in four decades. The former Massey energy CEO Don Blankenship was convicted in December of conspiracy to willfully violate mine safety standards. 29 miners died in the West Virginia explosion in 2010.
And in Missouri, a police officer helped save the life of a man who tried to run away. Dash cam video shows the driver of this truck being ejected during a crash. The officials quickly gave CPR on the scene. KCTV reports the victim is expected to survive.
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